Missing Alice & Hill Street Blues star Charles Levin Found Dead, cause of death unknown


    The Oregon authorities found a dead body on Friday. It is believed to be of the 70 years-old missing Hollywood actor Charles Levin.

    The actor went missing a few days before his death

    Levin’s son in Los Angeles notified the authorities on Monday when he didn’t receive any calls from his father for several days. He also told that Levin was in the process of moving out when he went missing. Levin had a pug named Boo Boo Bear and owned an orange Fiat.

    Authorities searched the area around Grants Pass in Oregon for the past week. On Friday, they received an emergency cell phone ping which led them to search a remote area northeast of Selma. The search and rescue crews narrowed down the area based on the GPS data from Levin’s cell phone. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any sign of Levin.

    The dead body was found in a very remote location.

    On Saturday, a local resident found Levin’s car on a remote almost impassible road. He notified the police who found the disabled vehicle off the roadway. Levin’s pug was found dead inside the car but there was no sign of Levin. But Levin was not in the car.

    After searching the very steep and rugged terrains, the police found human remains near the car which is believed to be of the actor. According to the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, based on the circumstances there is a high probability that the remains were of those of Charles Levin.

    The medical examiner will make the final identification of the remains. Nothing is known about the cause of death. It’s a mystery which can be solved only after the medical examination and further investigation

    Charles Levin’s Famous Works.

    The actor has appeared in many television shows and movies in the 1970s and ’80s like Seinfeld, Night Court, Alice, Hill Street Blues, The Golden Child, Annie Hall, This Is Spinal Tap, NYPD Blue and many other.