Money Heist Season 3: Those Red Outfits And Masks Of The Thieves Represents Something? What Is It?


    The Netflix criminal drama, Money Heist Season 3 had made its debut on Friday that is 19th July. The third leg also is known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish was revealed in full on with eight of its episodes. The series is all set to get renewed for its fourth season also but do you ever bothered that amid all these changing things in the robbery drama there is the attire of these thieves that remained unchanged throughout. Do you know what those red outfits and masks represent? Do they have any relevance or relation with the robbers, or it is just a disguise?

    Casa De Papel Money Heist. Image Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes
    Casa De Papel Money Heist. Image Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes
    What The Attire Symbolize?

    The group of thieves of this hugely popular Spanish crime-drama has consistently chosen the red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali masks for every robbery. You will be surprised that this is not just a disguise. The attire actually serves as a physical symbol for the show’s theme.

    The beliefs of the thieves in La Casa de Papel always go against the modern capitalist society. This is something that matched with the focus attached to much of Spanish artist Salvador Dali’s work. His most of the work was done during Zurich’s Dad movement, and the arts have shown rejection to the modern capitalist society, says The Tate. Hence, it proved that there is an alignment in the beliefs of the artist and the robbers.

    Salvador Dali Mask Used In The Money Heist, Image Credit: Netflix
    Salvador Dali Mask Used In The Money Heist. Image Credit: Netflix.

    On the other hand, the jumpsuit of the criminals is red because of what it represents and has represented throughout history. As per Google Arts & Culture Center, the color widely symbolizes liberties and freedoms, the idea which also goes along with the Money Heist’s gang. The symbolism is given to the color after several revolutions around the world. The French revolution in the 1700s and Cuba in the 1950s are some that can be enlisted.

    Money Heist Season 3 Theme

    In all of the previous seasons, the thieves in Money Heist stand for these beliefs. In the third and the upcoming season, you are going to see the same.

    A Still From Money Heist Season. Image Credit: Netflix
    A Still From Money Heist Season. Image Credit: Netflix

    The latest season’s theme says its “the resistance, indignation, and skepticism” towards “the system.” The season will follow on with another heist and ultimate obstacles. The gang will make efforts to get their group member Rio back from the Panamanian police.