Money Heist Season 4? Is Something Crucial Revealed. Find out Now.


    After the premiere, of season 3 of Money Heist, fans are eagerly waiting for season 4. Read on to know more about the next season.

    The most-watched series on Netflix

    It was a surprise when Money Heist emerged as the most viewed series on Netflix this week. To everyone’s astonishment, the foreign language series even surpassed Stranger Things which is the most popular show on the streaming platform.

    Release Date

    Season 3 was launched on July 19 and it has become a hit on Netflix. Now, fans can’t wait to watch season 4. Last month, the show’s creator Alex Pina announced in a press conference that the series will return with a season 4. Although the release date hasn’t been announced yet, he told that the shooting for the new season has already begun.

    “They’re a group of people who still have a lot to say”, Pina said. He admitted that the success of the series around the world has been crazy.

    Money Heist is a Spanish series with the name La Casa de Papel. It’s first two seasons were first telecasted on television. Netflix then picked up the series for season 3. The show revolves around the lives of a group of thieves and their heists.

    What will happen in Season 4? Spoilers Ahead!!!

    In season 3, we saw the gang planning to rob the Bank of Spain and also the government’s secrets. Their demand is to free their accomplice Rio from jail. The plan is orchestrated by The Professor/ Salvador and Raquel/Lisbon. Rio is released but the Nairobi gets shot in the chest by the police. Also, Alicia tricks The Professor into believing that Lisbon has been killed by the police.

    The Professor then launches a rocket-propelled grenade at an army tanker breaking his rule of not killing anyone. The gang is stuck inside the bank with the police surrounding the building. Season 4 will see how they will be able to flee out of the locked bank. How will Professor rescue Lisbon from the police? What will happen to Nairobi and the rest of the thieves?

    The shooting for season 4 has already started. And all the cast members from the previous season will reprise their roles in the new season.