Monster Father raped his 1 year old daughter & uploaded the video on dark web


    Former paramedic James Lockhart aged 31, from Florida has been charged for producing, distributing and possessing child abuse footage in March 2019. He has received the maximum sentence of 70 years in jail.

    James Lockhart recorded a series of heinous videos of him raping his 1-year-old daughter. He posted these videos on the dark web.

    Court documents show that, between March 2016 and February 2018, James Lockhart had produced a series of four sexually violent videos. The videos showed James Lockhart abusing a girl. He used to upload the video clippings on dark web forums by using the screen names “StrangeWood” and “HardWood.”

    James Lockhart reportedly told “his users on the forum about uploading more videos. He also took suggestions from his users”, according to plea agreement documents, the Miami Herald reports. Earlier, James Lockhart worked at Paramedics Logistics, Florida from 2012 to October 2018.

    The investigation had been a long process as they had to go from one continent to the other. It could only be possible with the help of Homeland Security and Australian Police assisting in the case.

    Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agent Michael Cochran, said that “This deviant committed the most horrible atrocities imaginable to a one-year-old child.” The prosecutor said, that Lockhart created other videos and images of the girl and “bragged” of sexually abusing another one-year-old child.

    A search warrant was issued in James Lockhart name. During the search, the officials have seized devices containing 43 videos and at least 4,000 images of child pornography depicting “sadomasochistic and violent conduct.”

    James’s wife was present in her house with their children during the time of the search. The agents spoke to her and identified her daughter’s images, which was taken from the videos. She also confirmed the man’s hand in the video was her husband’s.

    “HSI’s national and international partnerships have helped ensure that this predator will never again harm a child.”