Mother says, Ban the entry of childless couples to Disney World


    Every child, at least once in their life, have the dream to visit the Disney World. Many even make this dream to come true by themselves. Either with their loved ones or with their kids. A considerable number of people visits to this fantastic amusement park from all over the world. Disney World is located at many locations around the globe.

    The tour to Disney World with her three-year-old in Florida becomes somehow really unforgettable and even made the woman quite famous too. The woman got so offended during the trip to the amusement park by another woman there.

    According to her Facebook statement, which was full of bad words for the lady. Her kid and she was waiting in the queue where that woman wearing shorts was also standing.  There somehow the lady makes the child cry, which makes the woman full of anger.

    On this, she commented that the couples who don’t have kids shouldn’t be allowed to visit the dreamland of Disney World. She added that they don’t experience the fun of catching the child and spending time with them at a place like that.

    The anonymous American mum posted the foul-mouthed rant on her Facebook page
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    Families visit Disney World, and it is not appropriate for childless couples to come there, claimed by the woman. Most of the words that were added were against the local culture of ours. As the woman got high tempered while sharing her experience.

    Now banning couples who have a child to visit the dream world is completely wrong as it is the place where we all wishes to go. It is not possible or says the right to do such things. As this will lower down, a lot of people’s appetite as this news will not be calming at all.

    The mother should also have considered the request she had. Plus also about the words she has used on social media.