Mountain Goats performing in Stephen Colbert’s Show


    In the latest episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Mountain Goats, the band is going to perform the song Sicilian Crest from their most recent album ‘The League with Dragons’. Here are the details of the show.

    Mountain Goats origin

    Mountain Goats is an American brand which is form in Claremont, California by singer-songwriter John Danielle. The band members include four people including Danielle, Jon Wurster, Matt Douglas and Peter Hughes. The band is now based in Durham, North Carolina.

    They have been a part of labels like Merger, 4AD, Absolutely Kosher and Ajax. Their latest album ‘ has come out recently. And they were invited as a musical guest on Stephen Colbert’s show, ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’.

    Appearance at Stephen Colbert’s show

    Stephen Colbert, 55 is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor and a TV host. His works are best to recognise from a satirical Comedy Central programme  The Colbert Report (2005-2014).

    Currently, his ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ which started in 2015 has been a part of the discussion as the Mountain Goats has performed a song from their latest album The League with Dragons’ Sicilian Crest.

    Another performance was of the song “This Year” from their 2005 album “The Sunset Tree” which was only because of the request made by Colbert. “This song is not on that album. I asked them to play this song for me because it’s one of my favourite songs of theirs”, Stephen said.

    Band’s tweet

    The band even tweeted about their performance and posted a link of it, and it said, “This isn’t the first time rocking out Colbert, ten years ago we did this song with Stephen on CC, but it never aired. Tonight we did it.”

    Watch the latest performance of Mountain Goats and enjoy singing their latest song “Silicilian Crest” and old gem “This life”.