Music Industry Pays Homage To Linkin Park’s Dead Singer Chester Bennington


    Saturday marked the second death anniversary of an important element of the music industry. Chester Bennington’s second death anniversary was on Saturday, and all his fans missed him dearly.


    Chester had fought problems like depression and alcoholism his whole life. He had a difficult childhood, and that reflected in his songs. Chester’s music had a profound impact on his fans and always strongly hit his fans. For the first anniversary, his fans paid him tribute by hosting music shows of his songs all over the world. Many singers again felt the raw emotions which were left by Chester in his songs.

    When the rock and roll pioneer died very unexpectedly time came to a standstill. The band members, his fans, his family everyone thought what could have been done to prevent it. His wife made the statement just before the misshapen that “he seems to be doing fine.” He and his family were on vacation, and he decided to go back home to film a commercial. He hung himself in his home, and there was no time to know if it could happen.

    In 2000 when rock and roll weren’t mainstream Linkin Park bought it back. When not playing the band just seemed like regular folks with a big smile. Bennington’s voice resonated with the pain he had in his heart. The band first came out with their joint album together called Hybrid which was different than any other.

    The fans then realized the pain which was in his songs. Everyone started listening to his songs back to back to find any clue, but you can’t reverse time. Fans realized that pain and hardships in the songs are the sign of depression and should not be taken lightly. His music gives people suffering a thing to stand on, which is the best thing music can do you.