Naomi Osaka fails to be at number one: loses her label to Barty


    Naomi Osaka expresses optimistic views on her loss of her first position. She says that she has got rid of unnecessary stress and anxiety. She wants to focus on the winning of the grass tournament.

    Naomi Osaka

    Naomi’s loss

    The lawn tennis player Naomi Osaka has been substituted by Barty from the position of number one. Naomi, who is a 21 years old Japanese star who has been bidding for a third grand slam title in the last four, admits that she has not been prepared for being at the number one.

    Naomi’s opinion on her Loss

    Naomi says that a huge weight has been taken off her. She says that the position of number one has been the cause of her distress. She was unprepared mentally which has affected her physical performance as well.

    Osaka says that she can now completely focus on winning the grass court tournament without an added concern for the rank one. Naomi does not seem much desperate for the position than her performance. Naomi has also complained that the French Open had induced immense pressure on her. Her health was getting compromised as she was constantly having fatigue and anxiety disorders. she started over thinking and was deprived of sleep because of this. However, the loss, in fact was a blessing in disguise for her. It was a boon in her life. She has got rid of mental stress.

    Other shares

    Osaka also shares the mistakes she had committed in the match and says that she has them all in her mind. She assures herself that she would not be repeating any of it in her next match. Osaka makes it clear that her performance matters far more than the rank does. Her performance, Osaka says that could be determined by the rank she holds. She is looking forward to many more ventures she is likely to undertake.