Nathalie Birli, the Athlete From Austria Walked Away From Kidnapping Just by Complimenting About Orchids Collection


    Kidnapping has been the evil crime and barely few escapes from this atrocity. But a young Austrian athlete, Nathalie Birli, makes her way out of kidnapping just by complimenting about orchids.

    Nthalie birli walks free after complimenting an orchid collection

    The Austrian triathlete was kidnapped when she was riding her bike. The professional 27-year-old triathlete Nathalie Birli was battered by a car, and she fell on the ground, unfortunately breaking her arm near Graz in southeastern Austria. She was taken to deserted place somewhere after a man knocked her out with a piece of wood, The Press Report claimed.

    Birli reported to the Kronen Zeitung newspaper that she found herself naked and tied onto the chair after regaining her consciousness. She was compelled to drink alcohol, tried to suffocate, and even tried to drown down the bathtub. Sometime later in the time, the triathlete attempted to soothe the kidnapper. She did so by flattering about the orchids in his home. The kidnapper though looked excited about applauding about orchids, but to her surprise, the kidnapper opened and told that gardening was his passion. Later she said that the kidnapper told how troubled childhood he has been through.

    The kidnapper turned out to be a good guy, and he let the athlete return home along with her bicycle. Later, the Police tracked down the kidnapper at his house with the GPS which was installed in the athlete’s bike.

    The man was 33 years old, and Police are trying to find if he ever was connected to any previous kidnapping. It is revealed that the kidnapper has been suffering a tremendous psychiatric problem.