Nepal Flood Worsens: Goverment Alerts People


    Monsoon Season keeps creating more problem for the people and the government of Assam. The death toll increases to 78, more and more people are getting relocated. The neighboring countries are battling the current devastating scenario. More and more families are getting affected by the intensifying weather.


    Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Center has said that more than 40,000 soldiers are there to help. The soldiers and police are using helicopters and roads to reach out to the maximum number of affected people. All the neighboring countries have their arms full dealing with the worsening situation.

    In Assam, a statement has been released that 19 people have been killed by floodwater. In Bangladesh, at least a dozen farmers have died due to lightning since the start. More than 100k families have to be relocated from their home and have to live in shelters. A Magistrate has said that the floodwater has broken the border of Assam and Bangladesh flooding 70 villages to the Indian side.

    It is estimated that more than 4.5 million people have been affected by the flood only in Assam. The flood is a danger to animals the same way it is a danger to the people. The Brahmaputra river has flooded Assam’s National Park. It is getting difficult for officials to transport animals.

    Things do not look good for Bangladesh in any sense. Bangladesh is home to 150 million people and home to 130 rivers. The state is always in danger of getting flooded during monsoon season. Eastern Bihar is getting flooded after Nepal killing at least 24 people. 12 out of 24 districts of Bihar are getting affected by the flood. Several fund campaigns have been generated to help the flood-affected victim. No one can explain the pain felt by the victims so we can all at least help them with simple small donations.