Netflix is back with another SciFi thriller “Another Life” with new twist.


    The series

    “Another life” is a science fiction plus drama series that aired on Netflix on 25th July 2019. Created by Aaron Martin. The cast is
    • Later Sackhoff as Niko Breckenridge
    • Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallace
    • Samuel Anderson as William
    • Blu Hunt as August
    • AJ Rivera as Bernie Martinez
    • Jake Abel as Sasha Harrison
    • Selma Blair as Harper Glass
    And some more. The series of total of ten episodes. Let’s read about the story base.

    Image credits: the collider

    Brief in the storyline

    The series starts with an alien spaceship like a thing landing on earth, creating a crystalline structure tower. After many discussion, Niko Breckenridge commands a team of people who go to find out the genesis of an alien on an aircraft named Salvare. And the place Pi Ci Mejaris is 96.5 light-years.
    And on the other Niko’s husband, Erik, who is a scientist of the United States Interstellar Command, stays on earth with their daughter, tries to communicate with the alien. The story doesn’t go smoothly; there are ups and downs, deaths, emotional times, etc.

    Image Credits: The Verge

    Fans and critic reviews

    There have been mixed reviews about the series. Some of the problems highlighted are the visual effects and the plot. The visual effects are claimed to sick and thus degrading the watching experience, which is a significant disappointment.
    Plus the plot seems to a mix of Arrival, Stark trek series of movies and there own creation.


    All the episodes were released altogether on 25th July which made it easy for a binge-watch. The episodes are Across the Universe, Through the Valley of Shadows, Nervous Breakdown, Guilt Trip, A mind of its own, I think we are Alone Now and others. It’s great to see Katee after so long and with better form.

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