Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ Season 4 touches hearts again with its stories


    Ever since Queer Eye released in February 2018, the creators with their story and the Fab Five have managed to occupy a lot of space in our hearts. This comes without saying but the original premiering did have a lot of tension laced. But all of that’s passed and the show goes strong.

    The Fab Five made its debut since 2018 and by now, they have overgrown their new to the season vibes. And returned with a bang this season. Queer Eye has always specialized in cutting down the general stereotypes and focusing on five individual people who are different yet normal like others. Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby, and Tan introduce their audience to individuals and their communities with sensitivity and respect. We have never needed the Fab Five more, to make the audience aware.

    Season 4 is perhaps more Fab Five centered:

    The Fab Five drew from their individual experiences of accepting and embracing their own queer identities. And this centralized theme applies to make others feel better and great about themselves. This has been a key point of why Queer Eye is loved by all and not just select audience, as presumed before by us.

    As said by Spencer Kornhaber, “It was a victory for queer people’s reputation as a fun and helpful, but perhaps not a total victory for queer people being seen as full-fledged, flawed yet virtuous human beings.”

    Even if there remains some scope of putting in more spotlight to issues, there’s nothing better than Queer Eye for this genre. And while it’s not sure whether the ‘non-queer’ people would exactly be able to relate or not fully. Fab Five are clear winners always.

    We should also note a quite splendid point. Netflix has accelerated the show’s season renewals like never before. And that tells us one important thing. Queer Eye reaches to many of us and spreads its message – How promptly, that’s the question.