New Addition To The Dylan Dreyer Family: Expecting A New Child? Again?


    Dylan Dreyer seems to be blessed because she is expecting a second child. The news of the second child took the media by surprise.


    The third-hour co-host of NBC told the media that she was having another child. Dreyer describes it as the best secret she is keeping. The feelings of becoming a mother are unimaginable, and anyone could only hope happiness for Dreyer. The anchor met a terrible fate during the winters when she had a miscarriage. After six months of the miscarriage, she finally referred to a specialist.

    The couple was ready to turn to Vitro fertilization, but fate had something else planned for them. They got the exciting call from the doctor which took her by surprise. The doctor was supposed to call them to tell them how to use the medicine. The doc surprised the couple when he said that she couldn’t take medicine because she is already pregnant. She describes the feeling as unconvincing and a complete shock. Dreyer gives credit to the scar removal surgery that helped her to conceive again.

    The Dreyer’s are having the time of their life with this news and why wouldn’t they be. Dylan also thanked her doctor, who did the surgery after the miscarriage. She said that it feels like her prayers have finally been answered. Dylan says that she is out of the danger of miscarriage as the genetic testing went well. The anchor describes that she was fully prepared for the Vitro fertilization. She was already studying how to take medicine and taking classes about the injection.

    Dreyer also shared the video of her little toddler finding out he is going to be a big brother. Dylan thanked the power of positivity and said it feel like their prayers have been answered.