New Born Baby Discovered in Wrapped T-shirt Laying At Doorstep Of An Apartment In Florida


    There was a newborn baby covered fully in a Tshirt was laying at the doorstep of an apartment in Orlando, Florida. There was a news someone left their baby here before but it’s a second time someone again left their baby here in past two years.

    The one-day-old baby was found on Saturday morning at the Willow Key Apartment when the resident of the building heard someone crying outside and then he called 911, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

    “I was surprised, because, you know, something happened right at my door,” Clive Petgrave, who woke up to the sound of police knocking, told the paper.

    The man has no idea from where this baby came and what he can do with that baby then he took the newborn baby to the nearest hospital where he can be in good health.

    This type of case happened with them in the past also in 2017, when a baby girl left in the same apartment with a note saying whoever found her take her to a fire station under Florida’s Safe Haven law, according to the Sentinel.

    “This is crazy,” Kimberley Williams, who lives at the apartment complex, told the paper. “This is really really crazy. Why do they keep leaving these babies like this?”

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    When the baby was under the Safe Haven law, then baby lives there for up to one week and then he can finally be brought to the hospital without the guardian risking criminal charges.

    The mother of these children is not located police alerted the Florida Department of Children and Families.

    Police and other people don’t know that is this incident connected with that 2017 baby. But in the people’s mind, there is a lot of question popping up, who is the mother of that child are they both same who was in 2017, why they don’t want to keep baby, etc.