New Boyfriend Alert: Nicole Curtis And Her Bearded Boyfriend, but who is he?


    Nicole Curtis, the host of Rehab Addict, responds to the boyfriend rumors. She is in an adorable relationship and shared pics on Instagram.


    The star posted pics of her and boyfriend romantically kissing on each other lap. Nicole seemed pretty open about her relationship and shared pics of her and her boyfriend getting ready for a night out. The star found her new love, and it is a very good thing. It was not specified where the couple was heading out. Curtis has yet not revealed her boyfriend’s name, but the internet is dying to find out.

    The star is in love after a year-long battle with her ex-boyfriend over her 3-year-old son. The argument has been pretty long, and a rep said that kids have always been the priority for Nicole. In October 2018, she and her ex reached a joint settlement that allowed them to have joint custody of their son. Before the deal, she was getting $12,000 from her ex. Her ex was ordered to appear in the court over thousands of unpaid child supports.

    Nicole has reached a new platform of her life, and it must be refreshing for her. This is a sign that Curtis’s love life is getting stable. Curtis quoted the pic with “New Jersey and my man with the beard …❤️.The star then posted many pics of her trip with her new man. Curtis shared a lovely transition pics with her boyfriend, and things seem pretty good if look at the pics. The fans loved the pics and the couple together.

    The reality couple is enjoying themselves, and that is what anyone would ever want for somebody else.