New Orleans and Coastal areas experience life threatening weather


    New Orleans has drowned as a severe thunderstorm, and heavy rain struck the city. The flooding was caused when a tropical storm gathered strength over the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Flash floods are expected as the storm intensifies. Flash flood emergency was declared in Jefferson Parish as it encountered heavy rains. Some areas reportedly registered as much as 8 inches of rain. These are tough times for residents of New Orleans as they face difficulties in going on about their daily lives. Travel and other services are stopped partially or fully. Even the City hall has been closed due to a torrential downpour. New Orleans officials have issued a Warning, and it has been advised to stay indoors and find high grounds if encountered with floods.

    SOURCE: WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

    A mandatory evacuation was carried out in south-east of New Orleans and Louisiana as the city feared a possible Hurricane over the weekend. This could cause heavy rain and thunderstorms with a probable flooding situation. The Storm further intensified and gained in strength on Thursday and was upgraded to become a tropical storm, Barry. All coastal areas brace for the hurricane Barry which might arrive by Friday. The rain will be coming ashore along the Louisiana-Mississippi-Texas coastline.

    Mississippi River was swollen with more rains expected.

    Mississippi River has already swollen to its limit, and the coming storm is expected to pour even more water into the river. People living near the Mississippi River are also being evacuated. According to the forecasters, there could be up to 12-inch rain in Louisiana and isolated areas receiving as much as 18-inch rain. But there is another danger being overseen, the strong winds.
    The current storm persisting over the city is just a taste of what’s coming. The worse is yet to go, so everyone is advised to take warnings of officials seriously.