New revamped costume for Flash and Arrow-Verse revealed.


    San Diego comic con is almost upon us, and the Arrow-verse fans have lots of things to get excited about. The entertainment weekly has revealed some breathtaking promo images for the upcoming season of Arrow-verse.

    The promo images are from EW’s cover shoot that brings together the heroes from across the CW’s DC shared universe. The photoshoot gives us the full view of the new and improved costume of the flash. This is not the first time when alterations have been made to the flash costume. At the beginning of season 5, we saw flash’s costume being redone when the old darker leather thread of the suit was replaced with a much brighter red. The new outfit is not a total overhaul of the previous one, but instead, few subtle additions have been made to give it a modern look. A layer of extra gold detailing woven throughout the outfit is the addition made to the latest version of the costume.

    Gustin had already teased the new look of the costume through Instagram. In all likelihood, Cisco has decided to give everyone a new outfit in the show. This could be true as we see both Killer Frost and Supergirl get a newly revamped costume in the pictures from the photoshoot.

    Source:- The Independent

    All this in the face of the highly anticipated final season of Arrow and the premiere of Batwoman. The flash has been teasing, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” for some years now. It has been aptly dubbed as the crossover to end all crossover. The flash and Arrow-verse has promised a considerable lot of things, and you can expect more revelations coming during the comic con this weekend.