Nicole Kidman Reacts to Keith Urban Calling Her ‘a Maniac in the Bed’ in a Song


    Everyone wants attention. If not given from time to time, people can start to dislike you. But in the case of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, it seems like Kidman’s husband has made her, his muse. And she has no problem with it.

    On Sunday, the ‘Big Little Lies’ actress was invited to a show named Sydney’s ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Show’ on KIIS-1065. In that radio show, Nicole Kidman was interviewed by the host, Kyle Sandilands. The host asked many questions; some of them were related to his relationship between her and her husband.

    The radio host inquired her about how she felt when her husband, Keith Urban, called her ‘a maniac in bed’ in her song named Gemini. The full lyric of the song was related to her. It was released in 2018 is like: ‘She’s a maniac in bed, but a brainiac in her head.’

    To this, the actress said that she doesn’t want to censor his husband’s art. Especially when she can be a muse for him. Nicole Kidman also confessed that though it is embarrassing, it is still better than urging him to make an effort in their relationship.

    Kyle Sandilands then ask her another question related to another lyric of the song. She asked her about her thought on ‘She’s waking to make love in the middle of the night.’ To this, she joyfully protested as she was unsure about whether it was an actual lyric or not.

    They have been married for more than a decade.