Nicole Murphy & Antoine Fuqua captured kissing in Italy. Are they hinting us anything?


    American director and producer, Antoine Fuqua was seen in Italy with actress and model, Nicole Mitchell Murphy. They were sharing a kiss with each other near the hotel’s pool in Ischia, Italy on 20th of July, 2019.

    Antoine Fuqua and Nicole Murphy went to Italy for the Ischia Global Festival. Over there Fuqua is yet to receive the director of the year award.

    Antoine Fuqua with his wife, Lela Rochon

    Antoine Fuqua is a music video director. He had directed many action and thriller movies. Fuqua is known for his Award-winning Academy film Training Day which was released in 2001. Fuqua got married to Lela Rochon in April 1999. The couple has a daughter Asia, born in July 2002, and a son Brando born on May 2004. Lela Rochon is an American actress. She is known for her role as Robin Stokes in the romantic drama film Waiting to Exhale. The movie was released in 1995.

    Pictures: REX
    Left: Nicole Mitchell
    Right: Eddie Murphy

    Nichole Mitchell Murphy is an American fashion model, actress, and businesswoman. She is known for her international modelling career. She once got married to Eddie Murphy in March 1993. The couple has four daughters and a son. They called it quit in April 2006. Eddie Murphy is an American actor and comedian. He was last seen in the American drama movie, Mr Church. The movie was released in 2016. The actor will be seen in the upcoming American comedy movie, Dolemite Is My Name.

    A few weeks ago, Fuqua and his wife were seen together, at their son’s basketball game. The couple looked happy together. Now, on the other hand, Fuqua seems to be having a nice time with Nicole in Italy. They held coffee mugs as they shared a kiss.

    Nicole revealed to Love B Scott when asked about the photographs that, “Antoine and I are just family friends. I ran into him in Italy, and we exchanged a friendly hello, and that was it.”