Nilsa Prowant was arrested! But why?


    Nilsa Prowant was arrested on Saturday early morning in St. Petersburg for offending the law.

    Details on the arrest

    Nilsa Prowant the 25-year-old, the member of the television series named “Floribama Shore” was arrested. As per the police officials, Nilsa was flashing her breasts from the balcony to the public below and telling them to have a sneak peek. And it didn’t stop there the television star kicked and broke the rear driver mirror, and that’s when the cops had enough. Nilsa was told by the office earlier to leave the place, but she seemed to be too drunk to listen to anything.
    She was then arrested and taken to Pinellas County Jail. After almost 4 hours on the jail, she got bail by $400. And attended for her hearing on 8;30 ET.


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    Nilsa Anderson?

    In the court her legal name was called which is Nilsa Anderson, she was previously married to her high school sweetheart James Anderson, but it seems she didn’t change her surname legally. There is still no news on who is handling her case; even Nilsa didn’t respond on any calls and messages from media. She was arrested for First and Second Degree Misdemeanor.

    How did she gain fame?

    Nilsa is popularly known for her debut in Jersey Shore whose spin-off will come in this fall named “Floribama Shore” and she is there too. The show is about eight young adults who try to live together, sharing relationships, conversations, etc. It airs on MTV. Many claim the arrest is a publicity drama for the show, though that night no one noticed any other cast. But they were spotted in Florida for shooting. Neither MTV not Nilsa gave any reply on the case.

    This type of offensive step wasn’t going to go easy with the officials being present.