“No Guidance” the latest and hottest collaboration by Chris Brown and Drake


    So, God’s plan singer Drake and Undecided’s singer Chris Brown just did a most fantastic collaboration, “No Guidance.” It is the 4th single from Chris Brown’s album Indigo. Apart from the music, the things that made it, so ‘ controversial’ is them coming together after a year-long rumored feud. Before we go into the dispute, let’s talk about music.

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    “No Guidance”

    The video version of the song released in one day ago and the audio was initially released on June 28, 2019. Chris Robinson directs it. We initially see Drake, 34 and Brown, 30 entering a night club in which drake says “ enter with your own risk” as the video proceeds we see both having fun in themselves and then comes the point where both stand against each other a child comes and talks on behalf of drake which results in a dance battle. Chris doesn’t hesitate and shows his fantastic dance moves when it comes to drake the fella tries his best but ultimately doesn’t work.
    But all’s well which ends well, and they end up hugging and settling it down.

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    The response

    The response is incredible, the single topped in its debut with being 200 in US Billboard with 108,000 album equivalents. People love the music, the dance, and the visual delight.

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    “The alleged feud.”

    Some years back the news that made headlines was that both the artists were involved in a fight in a club, whereas drake’s rep denied his involvement and said drake was out by the time the fight started. But everyone believed it that the battle took place as both had the same ex, Rihanna. And apart from the people who are loving the collaboration, some are blaming drake with how can he make music with someone who beat up the girl, he once loved.