Kate Middleton denied the surgeon’s claim that she has had surgery after her third child


    Kate Middleton, after her third child, hasn’t undergone any surgery. 

    Did Kate get baby Botox?

    Prince Louis was born in 2018, and one of the best surgeons has claimed that Kate Middleton has undergone little Botox. Munir Somji posted on Instagram where his 48.6 followers believed in what he said. He posted that Kate has used baby Botox.

    He used the before and after photos to back his opinion. He posted: “Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox.” The “before” image shows a tired-looking mother of three with pronounced wrinkles. The “after” shot predictably shows a more radiant princess.”

    The palace denied all Munir’s claims

    The palace denied his claims. Kate is all-natural, hell yeah! She isn’t plastic. The royals got offended by the usage of “our” for describing the princess. She is no customer; it sounds terrible. We do not know if she is a client or not, but we surely know that Munir’s clinic does have a baby Botox service.

    Was it his way of getting more publicity or some marketing stunt? Maybe he just wanted to show the power of baby Botox. Kate’s makeup artist earlier has revealed that she uses natural products, and she believes in being natural. Kate definitely embraces her natural self and wouldn’t go for a Botox.

    Munir shouldn’t have put forward such claims even if he just wanted to show the positive effects of baby Botox.