Nourdine Hmaimou on his Career, Relationship and Life


    Nourdine Hmaimou, the star player of the Hendon Football Club opened up about his personal and professional life in an exclusive interview with us.

    Me. Let me first clear it is going to be a fun interview we would like to know more about your personal life.

    N: Yeah cool..

    Me: Tell us something about your love life

    N: What to say? I have never been in any relationship. My first love is football and I am quite happy being in a relationship with it. (Laughs)

    Me: Nice try, but we want to know the truth.

    N: (Laughs) this is the truth. I mean as a child something attracted me towards football and instantly I fell for it. And till now I have been busy playing.

    Me: No crush? I mean that seems unreal

    N: I had a crush actually in my school days. It was my teacher. Like we all do have this one thing in common right?

    Me: Now you are talking. Please tell me more 

    N: (Laughs) Well there was this teacher she used to teach the other class. Every time I saw her passing our classroom my heart thumped. Wish she was our teacher. But once I took football seriously I was too busy to hang out with anyone. I guess when it has to happen will happen.

    Me: Okay. So besides football what else do you like?

    N: I like all kind of outdoor sports. And beside sports I like spending time with family and friends.

    Me: You like watching movies?

    N: Yeah, though I don’t get much time to watch a lot but I like action films. My favorite film is Rocky. Sylvester Stallone is my favorite.

    Me: Which was the last movie you watched?

    N:  Avengers Endgame.

    Me: Okay now moving on. As a sportsman you face a lot of criticism. How do you react to that?

    N: Well I have a strict policy. I believe in constructive criticism. So if anyone criticizes me constructively I try to implement it and better my game. However, I am against internet trolling and prefer to ignore it.

    Me: Is there times when you are skeptical about your performance?

    N: Every time! The moment I walk into the field I am nervous. But after spending few minutes on the ground it just disappears.

    Me: If you were not a football player what would you have been?

    N: I guess Basketball player. Actually, I have played few professional games.

    Me: Great! How seriously do you take your success?

    N: I don’t actually. Let me tell you an interesting story. As a kid I used to go crazy with small achievements. But one of my coachesYassirSliti taught me to stay calm and focus on your next game.

    Me: What are your future plans?

    N: As of now, I am concentrating on my upcoming matches. I am maintaining a strong training schedule and diet. I am also focusing on playing in ISL as I believe that’s the best stage for youngsters to showcase their skill and get noticed. So let’s hope for the best.

    Me: I am sure you will soon fulfill your dream.

    N: Thank you.

    Me: Thanks for your time. All the best for your future. It was great talking to you.

    N: Same here bye.