Officially Confirmed That Arsenio Hall Will Reprise The Sidekick in “Coming to America” sequel


    The confirmation of sequel for the “Coming to America” has thrilled all the fans of this 1998 romantic comedy film. But here’s another great news to hear, Actor and Comedian Arsenio Hall has confirmed that he would be joining the cast for the sequel with the original creator, Eddie Murphy.

    Heads up fans, Prince Akeem, the prince of Zamunda won’t be the only character to watch for.

    According to Deadline, the talk show host who previously played Semmi in the 1998 movie is set to reprise the role of Akeem’s friend. There was already just a rumour about Arsenio Hall joining the cast, and now after the recent photograph with Ruth E Carter, the tale is true.

    The first film followed the story of a prince of Zamunda, a fictional country in Africa, Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, who travels to Queens, New York alongside his confided sidekick and assistant Semmi, played by Arsenio Hall, with an end goal to discover a spouse or a future Queen, his family didn’t decide for him. John Landis directed the fantastic comedy movie.

    In the sequel, Craig Brewer is on board to direct a story in which the prince of Zamunda once again returns to America. This time he returns to America after hearing about his long-lost son, the “unlikely heir to the throne of Zamunda.”

    Shari Headley and James Earl Jones, who were the cast members in previous films also are set to return on August 7, 2020.