Ok Taecyeon is back in the game via The Game to hit the screens again!


    Taecyeon will be back on the small screen with the MBC’S new drama which is a melodramatic mystery called “The Game.”

    ¬†According to the reports it has been said that Taecyeon will be playing the lead role in the upcoming MBC drama. The story of “The Game” is about a man gifted with supernatural ability to see death, a detective who will be working on a mysterious murder case and will uncover some hidden secrets. Taecyeon will be known as Kim Take Pyung in the series. Joon Young is also a detective and his death won’t be able to see by Taec.

    Taecyeon is back on screens after 2 years. He was serving the military for 20 months and got discharged in the month of May.

    He took a break from his actions after he was enlisted in the military for 20 months.
    The Game is created by PD Jang Jun Ho who has also created “Time” and “Begin Again.” It is said that the upcoming drama will hit screens on January 2020 after People With Flaws. The fans are really looking forward to welcoming him again on screens and their quite excited for his new upcoming series.

    Ok, Taecyeon is a Korean actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is popularly known as the main rapper of South Korean boy in group 2 PM. He debuted as an actor in 2010 in the Korean drama “Cinderella’s Sister.”

    We can say that, after Dream High, he really did maintain a healthy relationship with the PDs and therefore we can see him receiving big roles after three years of break.
    Whatsoever might be the story behind it, we are truly happy to see this handsome hunk back again on the field to entertain us! Can’t wait to see him rolling.