Oklahoma’s Marijuana Market is Flourishing


    In June of 2018, medical marijuana passed into Oklahoma Law. Since then, they have become known as a state with some of the most relaxed medical marijuana laws in the country while retaining some of the strictest laws for violating the laws for possession and carrying marijuana.

    Since legalization, the State of Oklahoma has worked hard to move quickly to get its medical marijuana program off the ground. If you are looking for good medical marijuana you should browse around here, it helps that they had many states to model their program after. They were able to add an online application for patients to fill out to apply for a medical marijuana card.

    There are no allowable conditions for this card, so while a physician’s recommendation does need to be submitted with the paperwork, a diagnosed medical condition from a list is not necessary. Your paperwork will be processed within 14 days of submission for approval or denial by the state. This is quicker than a lot of the states that have had their marijuana programs well established for years.

    Another thing helping the incredible growth of medical marijuana in the states has to do with the unlimited licenses that are allowed to be issued for the state. Oklahoma does not have a cap for the number of licenses it issues, and this means that an entire industry came into being overnight for the sale of marijuana products.

    This is also true for growing and cultivating cannabis for use in medicines. There are no restrictions on licenses to set up your own grow operations. As a patient, you are even allowed to have 6 mature plants of your own without breaking the laws. This means that within months of the law passing, several local operations were fully operational and preparing for their first crops of medical marijuana for harvest.

    The market for growing Oklahoma is expanding as fast as the rest of it. Many of the growers are looking to expand beyond the medical marijuana market and begin working to cultivate hemp for interstate trading. It will not only provide an alternative crop for them to cultivate, but it will also mean an increase in their revenue stream as they work to produce the hemp and get it manufactured into all manner of hemp-related products from purses to, sweaters and coats.

    There is a wide market for hemp across the State of Oklahoma, and beyond to other states should trade deals come to fruition. This can mean a huge explosion of revenue for the state. This will also mean a lot of jobs in the farming industry that will need to be filled quickly along with the needed weavers for the clothes.

    Because the marijuana industry had huge growth quickly, they have already seen a record number of people apply for medical marijuana cards and be approved. It is a $100 filing fee for most people, but if you have Medicaid or Medicare, it is only a $20 fee. This keeps the costs down for the patients while creating a huge amount of revenue for the state.

    Sales of medical marijuana topped $7 Million for the month of February alone; this was to be beaten in May when the number of sales topped $23 Million. This figure is expected to go up as more dispensaries open, and more people seek medical marijuana cards to help treat illnesses.

    Marijuana is still illegal to possess for anyone without medical marijuana card, and the fines and jail time are steep. This could be changing in the coming years as the state grows more familiar with the industry. It can also change completely with the 2020 election. Many of the forerunners for the democrats are trying to put marijuana legislation on the ballots to be fully legalized around the same time. If this occurs, recreational marijuana will be allowable across the country within a short period of time.

    The cultivation of marijuana does not take long, and because the industry was allowed to grow quickly, it is already better established than many states that have been fully operational for years. The sales of medical marijuana go up every month, and the state is just getting started.

    The sales and the projected sales will not be really known for years until the patterns and trends can be analyzed, and projections can be made. Right now the industry will continue to grow and expand as new people enter the market and others find ways to manufacture and capitalize on a market that has plenty of room for growth inside and outside the state.

    The 2020 election year will be the big one for marijuana. This is the year that will see many states fully legalize marijuana, which could include the entire country depending on how the election goes. This will mean a largely untapped market that will be countrywide, not just in isolated states.