On-Screen Couple “Charlie Heaton” and “Natalia Dyer” are Dating, Confirmed!


    Stranger Things OnScreen Couple Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are in a love relationship, and they both are comfortable with each other both Onscreen and OffScreen

    It is reported from last September that OnScreen Stranger Things Couple Nancy and Jonathan played by Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton respectively are dating.

    Now it is officially confirmed that Charlie and Natalia are in a love relationship in real life.

    Last September they called each other friends, and then Natalia posted a picture of Charlie holding 3 birds on her Instagram and captioned the same as

    “Wow, [email protected] on his new one man show Stranger Wings!! Sure gonna miss you s2 but happy you’re doing what you love,”

    And fans started to speculate that they both are dating each other.

    Then they both were spotted together at many times, which made everyone to believe that they are in a relationship for sure.

    On-Screen Couple "Charlie Heaton" and "Natalia Dyer" are Dating, Confirmed!
    Credits: eoonline.com

    They have played the duo of Boyfriend and Girlfriend in “Stranger Things” in all three seasons, and everyone loved their onscreen chemistry, and everyone wanted them to continue their chemistry off-screen too, and hence it is now confirmed that they both are having romance offscreen also.

    They both have always kept their personal life including their relationship private and have never talked about it before, but recently Natalia spoke about her relationship with Charlie and said

    “It’s an interesting thing to work with somebody who you go home with. It’s always really fun. We’re really comfortable with each other, so we can play and feel freer, and we can talk about it before.”

    We can conclude that they both are very comfortable and can maintain their relationship with each other OnScreen and OffScreen. And they both support each other in every walk of life.