One More Couple Ready to Ship, ‘Shawn Mendes’ & ‘Halsey’ Dating Rumors at Peak


    Dating rumors for the stars are quite common as fans are always at peek to know what their favorite celebrities are up to and with whom they are making out.

    The famous Canadian singer Shawn Mendes and American singer and songwriter Halsey are at the top in the list of the most searched couples.

    How Shawn Mendes Love Story Started?

    This all started when the shoot for their new album together, first it was considered as the show for the new song launch.

    Later, when they both tweeted and showed their love for each other officially.
    On Twitter, Hasley tweeted, “I Love you, Shawn,” and Shawn replied, “I love you back.”

    After this, what can be expected by the fans and the media they all got lit by this and the news that they both like each other and are dating each other got the spark.

    One More Couple Ready to Ship, 'Shawn Mendes' & 'Halsey' Dating Rumours at Peak

    Did they confirm this?

    Neither of them yet have confirmed anything about this rumor. As we all know that Shawn Mendes has never confirmed with any dating rumors with anyone and even once there was a rumor that he is dating his BFF Camilla Cabello.

    He denied answering by saying that he keeps his personal and professional life separate. By this fact, it is hard to tell if they will accept it or will even speak openly on this rumor.

    The Fan’s Reaction on Shawn Mendes Relationship With Hasley?

    Fans are going crazy to ship them together, commenting continuously on the tweet, checking for updates and so on. Fans even noticed that they are following each other are freaking out for this.

    Some fans are of course against their relationship but who can stop the lovebirds from flying together. Shawn Mendes is one of the most wanted singers by every girl to be their date. Many actresses have already accepted their desire to date him and Halsey is also one of the hot singers.

    It will be exciting to see whether this new love couple is making out or it is just another as friends date.