‘Ozark’ Season 3: Latest News, Release Date, Cast, Plot Details And Everything Else About The New Season…


    For the fans of Netflix’s series Ozark, there’s good news as Season 3 of the crime thriller show is on the way of its making.

    Release Date of Ozark Season 3

    Jason Bateman officially confirmed via his Twitter handle last October that the new season of Ozark is on its way. Season 3 will be coming back with a total of 10 episodes. The shooting for the season began in mid-May this year and is expected to end in late October. So, it’s highly unlikely that the new season will air this year. Although there’s no official release date, it seems that the new season might air in 2020.

    What will we see in the new season?

    Bateman who’s also the director and executive producer of the show had written in his Twitter post that he’s concerned for Marty, his character in the show. This indicates that Season 3 will see more problems and conflicts in the Bryde family. It’s been reported that the new season will have Marty and his wife Wendy Bryde (Laura Linney) struggling with the power dynamic and dealing with outside forces.


    Season 2 saw Marty and his family getting further entangled in the criminal enterprise. In the finale, Marty has got himself a giant casino boat which he will use for money laundering for the Mexican drug cartel. So, we can expect many of the scenes shot inside the boat which will be an important element in Season 3.

    In season 3, we will get to know who shot down Cade Langmore. Marty murdered Pastor Mason Young and is having an affair with Rachel, which will add more twist to the plot. But the main thing that the viewers are interested in is how Wendy will compete with his own husband, Marty for the power over the business and how it will affect their relationship in the new season.

    Who are all there in season 3?

    The main characters of the series will reprise their roles in the new season. Tom Pelphrey from Iron Fist and Jessica Francis Dukes from Jessica Jones will also join the cast for Season 3. A casting call was issued for characters like guard roles, upscale shoppers, piano players, blackjack players and dealers and many more which indicates that we will see much of the casino boast in Season 3.