Pearson Family’s The Big Three are back for This Is Us Season 4


    At what age did Kevin Pearson start charming the ladies? You don’t know. This mystery is about to get solved soon.

    The fourth season: preschool kiddos
    This Is Us’ fourth season is coming out. We have seen Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, and Justin Hartley as infants, toddlers, teens, but we haven’t seen Pearson sibling’s playschool years.

    It seems as if season four will have The Big Three’s childhood for a flashback. This show shows the different phases of these three people. Public get to witness their life at various points. In season four for the first time, we will be seeing them in their preschool period.

    Three new seasons are underway
    The three successful years made This Is Us very popular. It is going to come up with three brand new seasons to keep the audience glued to their screens. It is not just about the kids, but we will be seeing papa and mama Pearson in a different timeline.

    The show will be plunging back to 70s. These three adorable kids are sure to leave us all in awe. “I am dead,” Fogelman mentioned with his post of their photo. This Season 4 will get underway on Tuesday, September 24.

    Only one month wait and then we can meet these three kiddos.