Pete Davidson : latest appearance in The Candy and his relation with Ariana Grande


    Pete Davidson, the comedian and American actor. Recently got featured in Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd’s new music video. In the video, Pete was the chemist in the pharmacy where Kelly and Redd start rapping. The original candy video is based on the recent album Hotel Diablo.


    The video begins when two children enter the pharmacy and askes for “Lit juice”. They wanted to take high doses and lies that one of their mothers is sick. But Pete recovers the truth and scolds them to do it again and right this time.

    Later Kelly and Redd start rapping then about the drugs. Like they take more doses to feel good. And later, Pete is also found taking drugs with the kids. The video aims drug abuse between teenagers.

    How they are finishing their lives because of drugs and how they are also addicted to drugs. Pete was sharing a pretty good screen with the rappers and performed his role quite cool.

    Pete and Ariana relationship

    Pete recently gained attention after her ex- finance’s Ariana Grande spoke with VOGUE about their relationship and on the death of Miller. She is a very famous singer and songwriter. They had a relationship of 2-3 months where they got engaged after one month of the relationship.

    They both shared very crazy memories, and Ariana said that he was the perfect distraction for her after Mac. She also spoke about her relationship with him as a very crazy and unrealistic one. She said that she really loved him, but for fans, she might just want a distraction.


    They both got highlighted on the social media for their unconditional love bond. Ariana suffered many shocks last year, and thus her fans were really looking forward to her comeback.