Pippa Middleton handles her wardrobe malfunction like a Pro


    Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s sister had a wardrobe malfunction at Wimbledon.

    Royals Head To Watch The Match

    Pippa Middleton was walking towards the stadium to watch the match, a gust of wind almost flew her dress but she took control in the right moment and saves herself from a wardrobe malfunction. Just like how the world is so amped about the finals, the royals are too excited to watch the match. They all are marching towards the stadium to watch their favourite sportsperson. Royal family’s relative too are joining them.

    Pippa Middleton, Kate middleton' sister

    She Saved Herself From A Malfunction
    With husband James Mathews, Pippa reached the stadium to watch the tennis match on Friday. She wore a yellow polka dot summer wrap around dress. The dress had a thigh high slit. A gust of wind approached, and almost flew her dress away. This boss lady handled the situation by holding onto the upper flap of the dress, thus saving herself from an embarrassment. She looked absolutely stunning in hat summery dress which she paired with a white purse and a pair of white block heals.

    Everyone was astonished by how fast and smart she was to save her from a wardrobe malfunction. It is very hard to maintain your cool at these moments when there are many photographers taking your pictures. She definitely is a bosslady, taking control of things and recovering from them immediately.