Poor dog tied to a short chain struggling to stand under the blazing heat of Mexico


    Disturbing photographs of a dog being tortured in Mexico has recently gone viral.

    The poor little dog from Mexico was brutally tortured under the scorching sun. The dog was dangling from a window by a short chain. The chain was so short, that the poor dog was forced to stand on his hind legs to avoid being suffocated.
    It was unbearable to watch the poor canine struggling to set himself free. People around the place noticed this scene and tried to intervene.

    One amongst them even approached the owners of the dog. He begged them to set free the poor animal. However, they chased the man away.
    It seemed that the poor animal’s suffering did not affect the feeling of the cruel owners. The owners claimed that the “dog is doing fine,” and his “comfort” is being taken care of.

    Facebook/ Denuncia ciudadana Teloloapan

    Luckily, one of the passers-by was able to click some photographs of the poor dog. He instantly posted them on social media. Thus, the news began to spread like fire. The people demanded justice for this poor dog and were aiming to share the post, hoping that the local police would be forced to intervene in this matter.

    The situation of the dog was very critical during that time. He was fighting for his survival. In such scorching heat, he could have easily died of exhaustion.

    This is not the first time such cruel acts have been forced upon animals. We consider dogs to be a man’s best friend. However, they are treated in a shameful manner. These poor animals trust us and could sacrifice their lives to save us. At least, we can treat them with all the kindness.

    Animal lovers around the world are hoping for a quick response from the local authorities. They even requested animal activists to step in and rescue this dog immediately.