Pregnant mother sacrifices her life to save her 3 year old son from gunfire


    A 24-year-old pregnant mother held the hand of her 3-year-old son to protect him from a stray bullet from an outbreak of gunshot outside their home. The woman was identified as Auriel Callaway, who was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

    Auriel was due in December, but unfortunately, even her unborn child did not survive. The rest of her family members described the incident. They said that Auriel grabbed her son when she sensed the rising heat between two groups of people outside. No sooner than the shots began to fire she ran towards the Clarke Gardens apartments where they lived but was shot in between her way.

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    Auriel’s heartbroken sister, Standria Walker, told that “She(Auriel) said, ‘I’m fixing to go, y’all. I’m taking my baby in the house,” and when she walked she was hit by the bullet and she collapsed then and there.

    “She got hit with her son in her arms, and she’s pregnant,” Standria said. “That’s my only sister. They took our baby away from us.”

    One of the witness Jermiaine Arnold said that it was not clear whether it was an accident or an intentional target, but anyways it let her down.

    “She was a beautiful soul, you know, gentle- she really wasn’t out here as much, she was pregnant, a beautiful soul…God took her away from us too early” said Arnold expressing her grief. One of the neighbours said that Auriel was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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    However, eight people were taken into custody for being questioned about the shooting, but are released without any charges. Police said that the 3-year-old was unharmed and is now being taken care of by the relatives. And anyone with any sort of information is asked to contact the Athens-Clarke County police.