Presenters Scarlett Moffart and Joe Swash quit I’m A Celebrity:Extra Camp


    I’m A Celebrity is facing a massive crisis after two of the presenters step down from their job.

    Yes, you heard that right. Presenters Joe Swash and Scarlett Moffat have quit from I are A Celebrity after the show. That could be a big shock for the makers. It can even hamper the TRP  ratings of the reality show.

    Joe was the first to take this decision. Yesterday, he took to Instagram to break this news to fans. Joe posted a photo-sharing his winning moment back in 2008. He was a part of this leading reality show for almost ten years now. In 2008, he won the show. In 2009 he initiated this sister show called I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp.

    He considers himself very lucky on being a part of such a wonderful show for ten long years. Joe thanked fans for their unconditional love and support. He took this opportunity to appreciate his team of Extra Camp. For now, he has made up his mind that he will quit the show. But somewhere deep down, he wishes to come back soon.

    Joe left the show to spent more time with his real family. Though it might have been very hard for him to say goodbye to his jungle family, he had to. He would now take some time off from his career and spent time with girlfriend Stacey and their newborn baby boy.

    Later that day, Joe’s co-host Scarlett Mofart also shared this news on her insta handle. This time it proved to be heartbreaking for fans-both of fan’s favorites won’t be a part of the show anymore. Scarlett was really nostalgic. She remembered her three-year journey in the show. In 2016, she won the show and thereafter her job as a presenter started.

    The reason behind Scarlett’s decision is still less know. As per sources, she quit the show because of her personal commitments for certain projects.