President of America Donald Trump is Working To Free Rapper A$AP Rocky from Jail Custody- Latest News


    A$AP Rocky, the youth sensation is probably not having his best time. But, here’s the big news for him. American President Donald Trump is trying his best to free A$AP Rocky from Swedish custody. The President of America has expressed his support for the famous rapper and he is all means to make the fans of A$AP Rocky happy once again.

    What Is Trump Saying?

    A$AP Rocky has been in the Swedish custody for weeks. Donald Trump recently had a conversation with Kayne West about Rocky’s situation. He is certainly moved by it and immediately wants to take any action against it. He said that he will have a talk with the Prime Minister of Sweden regarding this matter and will see what he can do to help Rocky.

    Trump also said that he received a number of calls from the African American community to set free Rocky. He believes that Rocky has huge support from the community. “So many people would like to see this quickly resolved”, Trump added.

    Why Rocky is in Custody?

    A$AP Rocky is an extremely famous rapper. The Grammy-nominated artist was in Sweden to perform at a music festival when the mishap took place. He was involved in a fight right before his concert in Stockholm and since then he has been in police custody. The incident happened in July. Rocky was seen throwing a person violently on the ground in various videos that went viral on social media. However, Rocky’s defense lawyer said that his client did everything in self-defense.

    According to reports, there have been issues with the poor condition of Swedish jail where Rocky is detained such as unclean water. Although, all allegations were removed by the authority.

    Kim Kardashian Speaks for Rocky

    None other than, the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian encouraged Trump to take action for Rocky. Kim has earlier also lobbied her influence on issues related to criminal actions. Kim approached Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner to look into this matter on behalf of her husband Kayne West, who is a supporter of Trump.

    Celeb Support

    No doubt, everyone is supporting Rocky. All big names from the industry such as Diddy Combs, Nicky Minaj, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and many other high profile celebs are vocal about Rocky’s situation and they want to see him free as soon as possible.

    We hope you get justice A$AP Rocky soon.