‘Pretty Little Liars’ Actress Shay Mitchell is Pregnant But Who Is The Daddy? Know Everything About Him


    Shay Mitchell, the ‘Pretty Little Liars actress recently unveiled her pregnancy. This is after breaking months of silence on the topic. Obviously, many were waiting for confirmation. Shay, plentiful Youtuber and actress, brought the news via a YouTube video when she is near her due date. After the confirmation, they even left in the more confusing condition as barely it is known to someone with whom she is expecting the child.


    Shay Mitchell’s Partner

    Recently, the actress released a Gender Reveal YouTube video of her child on her channel. The new thing was that this time we had seen her with her boyfriend, Matte Babe. This is the first official get together of the couple which is in existence for more than two years. Though they maintained the secrecy very well that kept us away from reality.

    When Did They meet?

    The couple firstly met in 2017 when Babel was a reporter for Entertainment Tonight Canada. Around that time, a source stated to ET that “They are serious and are having fun together” and “are together for a few months.”

    Even we have seen the couple in Babel’s Instagram post several times. The last we have witnessed this is in February 2018. The caption mentioned there was “Always pause for a good pic and tell her how much you love her before admitting you forgot the wristbands at home… #tbt.”


    What does Matte Babel do?

    It worth to tell the oblivions that 38-year-old Babel, according to his Twitter and Instagram profile, is currently working with Ransom Music Group and DreamCrew. DreamCrew is notably a management and entertainment firm that according to its site, manage the career and business portfolio of Drake. Babel shared the same nationality as Mitchell, and both are Canadian.

    Mitchell, who suffered a miscarriage in 2018, didn’t even open up about her rumored boyfriend and just responded with the revelation that she lost “the child of [her] hopes and dreams.” She revealed this unfortunate incident in this January only where the media outlets pointed towards the romantic relationship of Mitchell and Babel.


    It’s good news for those who want to see the couple together in a project as reportedly the couple will be seen in the upcoming series ‘Almost Ready’ on Mitchell’s YouTube channel. It will mark its debut on July 17 and will entertain you each Wednesday. Reports suggest that Bael will have an important role in the upcoming series.