Prince George got a tennis lesson by Roger Federer. Is he a future tennis champion?


    Roger Federer, the well-known tennis player, gave Prince George a tennis lesson.

    Roger Gave The Tennis Lesson
    Kate Middleton just revealed that her charming son Prince George had received a tennis lesson from Roger Federer. He thinks the little prince’s game is already good. Roger thinks he is a cute prince and that he is honoured to be his favourite player. The lesson took place at Kate’s parents’ Bucklebury house. Roger said, “At that stage, it’s all about just [touching] the ball…same with my boys”.Prince George, Roger Federer

    He Thinks Prince Is Cute
    He also revealed that he is the only player that Prince George has met, and he got to spend the most time with him. Maybe one day he will be winning a Wimbledon! He is sure as he is receiving the coaching from the best of the bests. This five-year-old has a lot of passion, and he is working already to improve his skills. Kate told about it all to Anne Keothavong, who broke this news to the press. She said, “George’s favourite tennis player is Roger Federer, and he’s actually got to play with him. The whole family loves tennis, and George is apparently quite a good player.” Kate’s elder child is undoubtedly making his mom proud. She discovered about her son’s passion when she visited All England Cup.

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