R Kelly’s Daughter Buku Abi Considered To End Her Life After Social Media Abuse


    Singer R Kelly’s eldest daughter Joann Kelly has opened up about the online abuse she had to go through so much so that she once considered suicide.

    After her father’s scandal, Buku has suffered a lot

    On Thursday, Rapper Joann Kelly who goes by the stage name Buku Abi shared about the struggle she faced due to the controversy surrounding her father. She told the audience about her horrible experience during the evening episode of the reality television series Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.

    R. Kelly got arrested

    R Kelly has been accused of sexual abuse and was reportedly arrested on Friday for 13 federal charges. The R&B artist has repeatedly denied the allegations. A few months back, a six-part documentary was aired on Lifetime titled Surviving R Kelly. The documentary showed the sexual abuse allegations made against the 52-year-old singer in detail.

    Following the release, Buku called her father a “monster” via her Instagram story. Months after the documentary’s release, Buku told how she was ostracised just because of who her father was. She said that dealing with everything in the media about her father was not easy. She had to drop out of school because of the scandal.

    Admitting that she had spent a lot of days and nights crying, she further told that she faced the humiliation when parents didn’t allow their children to hang out with her. The singer was an emotional mess and couldn’t help herself crying when she told about the online abuse she suffered.

    Social media abuse forced her to consider suicide

    She said that people didn’t realize how bad that hurts (the negative comments) because she neither did anything nor asked to be there. The online backlash took a toll on her so much so that Buku had considered ending her life. And for those who might say to her that she should feel that way or she’s selfish, she replied that they were all heartless.

    Buku and her mother had cut ties off R Kelly which Buku says is the strongest move made by her mother.