Rapper A$AP Rocky Arrested in Sweden- Is it an Assault Case? What is the Reason?


    Celebrities are always making headlines — some with their good deeds whereas some others with really nasty allegations. On late Tuesday night, U.S rapper A$AP was arrested. The reason behind his arrest? He is suspected based on assault in Sweden’s capital. Isn’t it shocking it?

    Rocky A$AP is a 30-year-old performer and a model. According to reports, he was among the other three persons charged for a fight that took place on Sunday. The source confirmed that the artist was arrested on charges of serious assault.

    Why The Allegation?

    There was a video that showed the talented rapper throwing off a man up in the air. This video led to the suspicion of the police and then they arrested the youth sensation Rocky A$AP. The video was shot in central Stockholm. Rocky is seen grabbing a man and tossing him quite high in the video. The video was enough proof for the police to arrest him.

    The rapper was there to perform for one of his events. On Tuesday night, he performed at the Smash Festival in Stockholm. The incident clearly shows how life is full of ups and downs.

    The famous rapper’s reputation was certainly under threat after such an incident.

    Truth Alert

    Well, Rocky did not stay quiet. On his defense, he also posted videos on his Instagram, showing the actual incident. The video clearly shows that the man who is supposedly the victim was harassing the celebrity rapper.

    Several men followed Rocky for quite a few blocks, and despite several warnings from his bodyguards, they did not leave the place. Fans can be crazy sometimes, right?

    The Fight

    Things took unexpected turns when one of the followers hit Rocky’s bodyguard with a large set of headphones. In return, the bodyguard smashed it on the ground.

    Although, Rocky and his bodyguards had no intention to fight. Rocky also wrote a comment to prove his innocence- ” I’m innocent.”

    We hope the right man is punished for such misconduct.