Rapper Tay-K Found Guilty of Murder in 2016 Case, 5 to 99 years in Prison or Life Time in Prison?


    Tay-K was accused of being involved in a home invasion robbery for drugs and money in 2016. But this incident took a more heinous turn when a 21-year-old was shot dead in the progress of the robbery.

    On Friday, a North Texas jury found the accused who is also a rapper, guilty of murder. Currently, the range of imprisonment for him is five to 99, and till now there has been no confirmation that how much sentences the 19-year-old rapper will get.

    Rapper Tay-K found guilty of murder
    Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office via AP

    The incident took place in 2016 of which he is accused of. That time he was 16 years old and entered the home of Ethan Walker, which is in Texas with six other people. Tay-K’s real name is Taymor McIntyre, who is not the person who killed someone that night.

    Latharian Merritt was the man who shot the bullet which killed Ethan. He was shot at his stomach. Apart from Ethan, another person named Zachary Beloate was shot, but fortunately, he survived the incident. He was shot by Sean Robinson who was among the gang members for robbery.

    Last year, Latharian, who killed Ethan, was sentenced to life in prison. Sean was sentenced to 40 years of prison after when he was found guilty in last November.

    According to prosecutors, the rapper knew that someone would be killed in the incident, and then also he organized and assisted it.

    The rapper is also charged in another murder case which took place in 2017. For this case, he is accused of robbing and killing a 23-year-old man.