Rare Image of Humpback Whale catching a Sea Lion to eat

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    Sea Lion in Humpback Whale’s Mouth (image credit: washingtonpost.com)

    Humpback Whales, you must have listened a lot about them. They weigh 30,000 kg and live for 45 to 50 years. Even though they weigh this much but do, you know what they feed? With water, they grab and filters Plankton and Krill for their food.

    But this picture by Chase Dekker, wildlife photographer and biologist will leave you in amazement. The image is clicked while he was on his boat tour to watch whales where he found a sea lion who was spotted in the mouth of the whale.


    More about Humpback Whale

    The esophagus of the whale is very small as a grapefruit and a little melon. They can’t have a sea lion as their food. According to the biologist, this is not new that sea lion sand Humpback whales are found together as they both usually roam together.

    Chase said that he found this one whale among the group of 5 whales and 300+ sea lions. This was a scarce shot, and Chase thinks that this his first and last show. The sea lion is fortunately safe as he successfully makes his way through the water passage to out of the body.

    Chase Dekker

    He is a Monterey Bay native and is going for his next tour to Tonga with his boat. Aiming for more rare and exciting pictures of the whales. He is studying whales for more than ten years. With this picture, he proved that there are lots of shots that are still left unseen.

    The shot was clicked even without an aim as he started clicking lots of random clicks. Later he found that how perfect he got the shot. The shot is as admirable as it captures a unique scene. That was unimaginable and left a lot of people shocked.