Real Housewives star Meghan King Edmonds’ Son, Hart, Has A Brain Damage


    Celebrities often keep their personal lives hidden. One of them took an extreme step and hid her son’s severe medical condition from everyone for thirteen months.

    Meghan King Edmonds’ thirteen years old is suffering from a severe medical case. She made this sad revelation to the public after so many months. There is already enough news spreading around about her husband’s cheating scandal. It must be very stressful for the new mother.
    Her son named Hart has irreversible brain damage. She told me that she knew it that there was something different about Hart the minute he was born. When Meghan noticed that Hart was not able to see his hands and stayed crossed for too long, she decided to see doctors. She went to a pediatric, ophthalmologist, and visited a chiropractor and cranial sacral therapy, to understand the whole situation.Meghan King Edmonds

    Meghan King Edmonds just knew it that her son had some problem and wanted to diagnose it no matter what. Hough doctors kept on telling her he is beautiful; she didn’t lose hope and kept on searching. Meghan said, “I just knew. I told our pediatrician, she said he was fine. I begged for a neurologist referral, and when I got it, he said he was fine. I then begged for a neurologist who specializes in Cerebral Palsy (I jumped through hoops to get this appointment, so many hoops) and she said he might be fine. I then begged for an MRI.”

    When Meghan received the dreadful news, her heart broke. Another news about her husband cheating on her followed.

    It must be hard to be a mother of the kid with a medical condition. We all pray for a miracle, and we wish Hart’s health improves.