Reebok Dropped a New Advertisment of its Sneaker Featuring Cardi B And it is Eye-Grabbing


    Cardi B and her surreal fashion campaigns are the two things that hold up together. The iconic singer and rapper have always been associated with famous fashion giants. In the past, Cardi B has partnered with Steve Madden and Fashion Nova. But in the last November, she announced that now she would team up with an English footwear and athlete-apparel company, Reebok.

    And on Tuesday the company Reebok launched a new advertisement. The ad is centered on one and only Cardi B. The ad is, of course, attention-grabbing and utterly concerned about Cardi B.

    Cardi B is doing beauty stuff in Beauty Salon, and she has rainbow-colored hair. Those adorable not to forget, rainbow hairs are set in curlers. She is grumbling to her companion about a man who ghosted her and at the same time, her hair dries. And suddenly she notices that her Club C 85 Vintage sneaker is untied.

    Reebok cardi b

    The whole salon solidifies, pondering what she’ll do straight away. And now the magic happens, her candy-pink nails come to life, act as it knows what needs to be done. Those pretty candy-pink nails become aberrant and start to extend out and skid down her legs. The whole salon is astonished after her shoelaces get fixed by the miracle-happening. Cardi avows “Nailed it!” after the long miraculous nails retract.

    The Reebok has spoken regarding the advertisement and acknowledged, “It’s a creative concept that salutes Cardi’s own life experience, which saw her challenge expectations to become a self-made maven, and incorporates boundary-pushing nail art that has become an iconic feature of her style.”