Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Ava Phillippe, Posts Heartwarming Tribute to Her


    Recently Big Little Lies star, Reese Witherspoon’s daughter gave a heartwarming tribute to her. She took to her social networking page in which she posted her mother’s photo with loving captions. After seeing the post, people were awed about how close she is to her mother.

    There was no such special occasion upon which the post was posted. The actress’ daughter, Ava Phillippe just for no specific reason posted it to her Instagram handle. She just felt like, and she did it.

    Ava Phillippe to Her Mom
    Draper James

    This is not for the first time that she has posted such a heartwarming post. For quite a few years she has given tribute to her mom in numerous posts. Ava Phillippe has also taken multiple special occasions to account and said she is proud of her mom and is lucky to have her.

    In the recent post of Ava, she has posted a photograph of her beautiful mother while adjusting her earring. It seemed a casual photograph but looks great. She wrote in this post that her mother is a gorgeous woman who has taught her the power of love, ambition, graciousness and hard work.

    She continued by saying that her mother inspires her every day to live with gratitude for the life which has been given to her.

    When Big Little Lies season 2 premiered in May, she congratulated as well as was proud of her mother and was hungry for more episodes. Ava is also known for travelling with her mother and has learned so many things from her leading to a close relationship with her despite her mother’s busy schedule. Her mother also feels lucky to have her.