Rick and Morty Season 4: Hints Towards a More Exciting Journey at a Whole New Place


    Rick and Morty’s fans will be amazed by the latest development emerged from the side of EW. EW brought up to you the first look of the fourth season of the popular animated series. This includes two photos from the next leg that will hint to you the new adventure you will never wish to miss. With this, fans can obviously rejoice even though the season in real will reach up to them till November only.

    How’s The First Look of Rick and Morty Season 4?

    The first look was unveiled online by EW. This is done before the Rick and Morty’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con this Friday. The images are clearly showing the high jinks Rick and Morty are up to in the fourth season. Additionally, this time they are in some far-flung area which seems quite strange.

    If we go in detail, then in the first photo Rick is on an unfamiliar planet. But that didn’t make him unhappy or it might be so because the trouble is yet to introduce itself. Witness the titular Rick:

    Rick On The Strange Planet, Image Credit: Adult Swim
    Rick On The Strange Planet, Image Credit: Adult Swim

    Going on the second one, Rick seems in real trouble. The mischievous has put himself into the middle of a gang of robot alligators or they can be crocodiles too. Obviously, Rick seems frightened and the aliens are not happy with his presence. So, have a look:

    Rick In The Middle of Alligators/Crocodiles, Image Credit: Adult Swim
    Rick In The Middle of Alligators/Crocodiles, Image Credit: Adult Swim

    Rick And Morty’s Renewal

    Why the latest development is much more than just a look, then the answer is the fans were without the series for quite two years.  Rick and Morty’s last season was concluded in 2017 and since then fans were waiting for the next season. After the third season’s climax, there was no confusion or tension regarding the renewal of series for the next season. This is because an agreement between Adult Swim and series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon was already there. It is for the renewal of Rick and Morty for an unprecedented 70 additional episodes. So, the series is safe for a long go.

    Something More Is yet To Reveal?

    Well, this is not enough as on Friday the revelation regarding the series would be more exciting. On the day, Adult Swim is going to host a Rick and Morty panel at Comic-Con on Friday at 1 pm PT. Some new details will be unveiled there, though we can’t anticipate that there will be any video footage or not. So, keep your fingers crossed and let’s see what’s the next.