Rob Van Dam’s talks about Concussion Awareness


    On the recent Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling episode, Mr. Monday Night was welcomed. Rob Van Dam talked about concussions and brain injuries.

    Movie Headstrong
    Rob Van Dam talked about his recent movie Headstrong, and on the show, he spoke of brain injuries and concussions to spread awareness. It is about RVD’s exploration in comedy and dealing with brain injuries. He learned from them, and they changed his life. One of the concussions that he faced in life disqualified him from playing in WWE. It hit hard on his pocket as the loss of his only major source of income.Rob Van Dam

    He said,” The documentary covers a lot of what I’ve been going through the last couple years since the fans have seen me. As you know this is going to be a bit of a surprise and I made the movie just the way it happened with me, and it starts out one way and becomes something completely different.”

    RVD Can’t Work With WWE Anymore
    The impact was not just financial, and it impaired his visual senses. RVD has experienced hundreds of concussions in his life; only two of them were significant. The minor ones were just like ringing a bell in the head. He never realized that his brain was hitting the skull every time he had a concussion, and that took the toll on his career and life. This film will be about RVD’s journey in wrestling and how his ignorance cost him his job. He got enlightened by his experience, and his documentary is his’ another milestone.