Robert Downey Jr opens up about his life after his Marvel stint


    Robert Downey junior who portrayed the iconic character of the iron man for almost a decade played Ironman for the last time in the Avengers Endgame.

    Robert’s Stint with Marvel

    He has given us some of the most charismatic, action-packed, heart sinking, iconic and defining moments in Marvel movies. It’s safe to say that Robert Downey junior played a vital role in elevating Marvel’s game to where it is now. From Iron man 1 to Avengers Endgame, he has been one of the essential pillars to the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    SOURCE; Yahoo

    No movie embodies his importance in any Marvel project more than Avengers Endgame. Robert gave one of his best performances of his career if not the best performance by far. The only regret any fans had with the movie was that they would not be able to see the iconic iron man character played by Robert Downey junior. And let’s be honest, Robert embodied the iron man character to the teeth. It seemed like Robert was portraying himself in the movie. That’s how convincing Robert was while playing the iron man character.

    Robert’s life post his stint with Marvel

    We are certainly going to miss him in the upcoming Marvel movies. But how is Robert’s life post the completion of Infinity saga? In an of camera interview with Sam Jones, Robert opened up about his life after his last Marvel movie. The Avengers star said that he had not been forced to explore the new Frontier of what is his creative and personal life after the video. The actor added, now that he has an opportunity, he is making the most out of it by exploring uncharted territory post is long stint as iron man. He also said that there is always a dependency on something that feels like a sure thing, and that’s the closest he will ever come to being a trust fund kid.

    The actor also opened up about his fear that he might lose his identity as an actor due to its close association with Marvel. The actor said that he is not his work and he is certainly not what he did in that studio. The time has passed where he played the character of iron man, and it sucks that everybody goes back to that time.

    Future projects

    Robert certainly has enough on his table right now as he is looking forward to the release of The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. It also seems that the actor has Sherlock Holmes 3 racked up in his future projects.