Roger Waters Concert Film “Us+ Them” ready to hit the theatres


    George Roger Waters, the former member and co-founder of the rock band “Pink Floyd.” The 75-year-old songwriter, singer, bassist and composer completed his tour of almost two years “Us+ Them” in late 2018.

    Roger Waters went to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries in Europe and Latin America. He performed “The dark side of the moon,” “The Wall,” “Animals,” and “Wish you were there.” The list also included the song from his solo album “Is this life we really want?”

    Now on October 2nd to 6th, the film will be released in the theatres which will cover the concerts and the journey of Us+ them tour. The film is co-directed by Waters and Sean Evan. They will work together for four years.

    The last they worked together in 2014 for the recording of The Wall. They had a great collaboration, and the outcome was fantastic. This will be like a documentary.
    The film is considered to be an in the unmissed event, and the tickets are selling from 17th July. The movie has some anti- Donald Trump imagery; many supporters were against it. Later Water spoke on that and said: “Go see Katy Perry or watch The Kardashians.”

    The tour began on 26 May 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri to 9 December 2018 Monterrey, Mexico. We are excited to see the film named “US+ them.”

    The film contains the message of love, human rights, and liberty. We all are looking forward to the release.