Ross Perot, self made billionaire and ex-presidential candidate, dies at 89


    Ross Perot, Texan billionaire, renowned patriot and two-time independent candidate for U.S. president, has died at the age of 89. Ross Perot died after battling leukemia for five-month. Perot was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year and died after fighting it for five months.

    Perot’s political life

    The pioneer of the computer data industry started his own company in 1962. He was the founder of Electronic Data Systems Corp. in 1962 and Perot Systems Corp. But, the defining moment of his life was when he ran in the 1992 campaign, advocating balanced budgets and beckoning for an end to the outsourcing of jobs abroad. He made one of the most successful runs in US history by almost taking a fifth of the popular vote in the three-way race. It is also believed that it was Perot who helped Bill Clinton defeat George HW Bush. He was once again seen running for president in 1996, after forming the Reform Party.

    SOURCE: The Texas Tribune

    Familial ties.

    When asked to describe his father, his son and CEO of the Perot Group,  Ross Perot Jr, said that his father was a great family man, a wonderful father. a wonderful humanitarian. According to his Perot, Jr, his father would come to work every day to figure out how he could help somebody. According to the family, Perot was diagnosed with leukaemia in February and a massive secondary infection the next month brought him close to Death. But somehow with sheer will and courage, he fought back. He frequently showed up in the office to work after his brush with death. Earlier in June, he celebrated his 89th birthday with his family. He also had dinner at his daughter’s, Carolyn Perot Rathjen, place.


    Early life and road to success.

    Perot was born in 1930, during the Great Depression. He grew up in poverty but not for long. He embarked on his technological career by working in sales for IBM, before founding Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in 1962, at the age of 32. The company was later sold to Hewlett-Packard. This made him rich, and he never turned back. In the 80s, he set up Perot Systems which was eventually acquired by Dell for $3.9bn. Perot was a hard worker who started from scratch and ended up a Billionaire. A true inspiration for all.